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i just want to sit on your lap and make out for like eight hours

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Ask me about my body. (¬‿¬)

Hair:What hair color looks best on you and what's your natural color?
Skin:Do you tan easily?
Eyes:What is your favorite show to watch?
Nose:What is your favorite perfume/candle fragrance?
Mouth:Do you want to kiss anyone right now?
Tongue:What was in your last meal?
Windpipe:Do you sing?
Neck:Do you wear necklaces?
Ears:How many piercings do you have (if any)?
Cheeks:Do you blush easily?
Wrists:Have you ever broken a bone?
Hands:Are you an artist/writer?
Fingers:Do you play an instrument?
Heart:Are you in love? If so, does the one you love know?
Lungs:Do you smoke cigarettes?
Chest:Are your maternal/parental instincts strong?
Stomach:Do you feel confident in your body image?
Back:Are you a virgin?
Hips:Do you like to dance?
Thighs:Has anyone ever called you ugly?
Knees:Have you ever cheated on someone?
Ankles:Have you ever been arrested?
Feet:Favorite pair of shoes?
Brain:Anything you want to ask





I dont normally post/reblog stuff like this, but jeasus christ im dying.


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A game of Never Have I Ever that takes a twist, and will leave you with chills at the end. 

that is not what i expected, woah

I thought this would be fun, but I got bitch slapped with life

watch and learn


as both a Harmonizer and a Mixer, I now have yet another girlgroup to fangirl over. Welcome Beatz

Girlgroups taking over the world. 

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British researchers have created the ‘new black’ of the science world - and it is being dubbed super black.

The material absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of light, a new world record, and is so dark the human eye struggles to discern its shape and dimension, giving the appearance of a black hole.

Named Vantablack, or super black, it also conducts heat seven and half times more effectively than copper, and is ten times stronger than steel.

It is created by Surrey NanoSystems using carbon nanotubes, which are 10,000 thinner than human hair and so miniscule that light cannot get in but can pass into the gaps in between.


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The Music Industry Asked Him To Change 1 Word In His Songs. His Response Is Pitch Perfect.

I never buy songs on iTunes…ever… But I’m buying this, here, because I want to see it chart, and I want to send a message to the music industry that they are full of shit.

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reblog if girls are cute and you are afraid

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there is a huge difference between genuinely liking someone and liking the attention they give you and it took me a long time to realise that

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